giovedì 14 aprile 2016


Un giovanotto dall'aspetto di ragazzo per bene realizzerà –in non eccessivo ritardo– l'incubo orwelliano di "1984"?

Arriva proprio oggi il proclama di Zuckerberg di volere raggiungere l'intero pianeta.  Sarò la sola a restarne fuori? Vedremo.

Intanto riporto dal sito che raccoglie le critiche ai progetti e ai metodi di Zuckerberg
da quel sito è anche ripresa la foto di un murale che si trova a Berlino che qui riportiamo:

Wrongful account suspensions and coercion of private identification out of its users[edit]

In 2015, it was reported that a growing number of Facebook users are being wrongfully and inexplicably suspended from their accounts by Facebook to give up copies of their private identification information. If such information is not given up, users suffer permanent restriction from their accounts with no alternative way of retrieving them back. The private identification being summoned by the website from its users include copies of their driver's license, state-issued ID cards, passports, military cards, photo IDs, etc. This has created great displeasure for users who practice discretion with such information. It's also worthy to note that Facebook does not require the release of such information when individuals sign up for the site. With this kind of personal information having the potential to seriously harm individuals, the method has been described by users as a presumptuous, dictatorial move and an offensive invasion of privacy by Facebook. Other popular websites have only asked for verification of identities through an e-mail confirmation link, or in some cases, a cellular phone text message confirmatio